Remember When Mark Buehrle Closed Out Game 3 of the World Series With a Buzz?

If you made me pick a favorite player, there’s no doubt in my mind it’s Mark Buehrle. He had a ridiculous career with a fastball that struggled to sniff 90 MPH. The definition of a crafty lefty, Buehrle has pretty much done everything a pitcher could want to do while in the Bigs. His baseball bucket list is full of check marks. World Series, perfect game, no hitter…you can even check off hitting a home run. One of his most memorable check marks is closing out Game Three of the 2005 World Series after starting Game Two. Well, apparently he didn’t expect to be in that situation.

In classic Mark Buehrle form he was consuming adult beverages the entire game via a Styrofoam cup. While this news broke awhile ago, it still amazes me to this day. I don’t think Mark was necessarily hammered, because if you’re hammered you don’t have balance (which is sort of important for pitchers). But even if he had a decent afternoon-type buzz going, it’s still impressive. I tried this before at an alumni game. I can tell you first-hand the mound feels like it’s about 100 feet away and you completely forget how your body is supposed to move. And this legend did it in the World Series.

Buehrle is at the top of the list next to Hawk Harrelson and Harry Caray in terms of who I’d like to sit down and have a beer with. If he did this in the World Series there’s no way he pitched every regular season game sober as a bird. I wouldn’t be surprised if his famous between the legs play was only a result of a couple pregame cocktails. If you watch closely he kind of falls like a drunk guy stepping off a curb.


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