Hawk Harrelson is Never Going Away

Just when we thought our ears were safe, Hawkaroo throws a grenade directly into our brains. With Hawk moving to calling road-only games, we thought the end was near for possibly the worst broadcaster in the history of Chicago. But no. Hawk wants to stay and put himself in rare company:

“I’d like to go four more years. I’d like to go to 2020 because that would put me in a category that not many guys have reached.  I know Vin Scully has been there, Don Zimmer, Dave Garcia and maybe a couple others, but if I go to 2020 that would put me in a category of being in baseball for eight decades. And the reason I want to do this is for my grandchildren. That would be nice for them to have a grandfather who was in baseball for parts of eight decades, and if I go to 2020 that would put me in that category.”

I’ve expressed my opinions about Hawk previously. I would love to sit next to him at a bar and hear him ramble on about Yaz and how baseball was better back in his day. But when he’s on my TV I’m going to wear out the mute button as possibly jam a pencil in my ear. What’s hilarious is that he’s clearly using the rebuild as another reason to stick around. In years past it was because the Sox signed a bunch of free agents. Hawk’s been on the ‘one last go’ train for the past five years, but now that the Sox are tearing it down part of me hoped that meant shoving their broadcaster out the door as well. Apparently not.


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