Predators Try Blocking Hawks Fans Once Again

At this point you have to think there is at least a small minority of fans feeling embarrassed:

Yes, Nashville brass is once again trying to keep Chicago fans out of Bridgestone Arena. It’s a move that reeks of desperation but is expected these days considering how well Blackhawks fans travel. It’s also unnecessary considering the Preds sell out a ton of games, ranking sixth in the NHL in terms of percentage of capacity (they’re at 100%, Hawks at 110%).

I almost feel like I need to defend Predators fans because their team’s front office clearly doesn’t think too highly of them. In my limited exposure, Preds fans have been rowdy and for the most part hospitable. Even though they might not know what the hell is going on, they’re into the game from the moment the puck drops. I can’t say that about every fan in the 100 section at the United Center not cheering the anthem and sitting on their hands most of the game. If the Hawks were knocked out of the playoffs I would pull for Nashville because their fanbase is full of potential. But their ownership clearly doesn’t think so.


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