Blackhawks Now 0-3 in Winter Classic Games

I think it’s fair to question whether the Blackhawks can win the big games or not. They’re now 0-3 in Winter Classic games, and even though they mean the same statistically in a team’s record we can all agree that these games are more important than your average regular season matchup. Despite having won three Stanley Cups this decade, I question if this franchise can ever step up when the lights shine the brightest.

It seems like every year you can chalk up at least one loss on the Hawks schedule because they’re basically in this thing every year. Until they get over the Winter Classic hump, I don’t feel comfortable saying they’re ever going to achieve an undefeated season. And don’t get me started with the actual play on the ice. It’s no wonder dumb-brain fans continue to chant “Craaaaaawfooooord” because it clearly works. We all know Vezina candidates can easily be distracted by opposing fans slowly chanting their name.

The saving grace here was reveling in the fact that St. Louis probably hosted the worst Winter Classic ever. They were behind the eight ball to begin with because everyone is starting to realize that these games kinda suck. No one in Chicago paid any particular attention because we’ve been there done that a bunch of times. The only good part of this game was the goalie pads. Crawford with his retros and Allen with the baby blue/yellow combo were absolute fire. Other than that, I didn’t really pay much attention. I’m sure Blues fans cared about it, but the presentation didn’t help their cause. The weather was super shitty, so shitty that they had to cancel the flyover. When that happens it actually means the United States doesn’t recognize the event as a big game. And it wasn’t.



  1. Oh my god, this could possibly be the most poorly written, unintelligent, useless article ever written. I can’t believe what I just read and I really hope you don’t consider yourself a journalist. Then again, this website is ridiculously unimportant so it’s not a surprise they had to reach far to get a scumbag like you to write this garbage for them. Find a new hobby.


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