Cutler Skips Final Chance to Speak With the Media

Jay Cutler skipped his last chance to officially speak with the media before dealing with whatever decision the Bears make about his future. Total Jay move. I actually don’t even think he’s trying to be an asshole. There’s no way he hasn’t been completely checked out since it was announced that he’d be out for the season. He’s been so quiet I almost forgot he was still technically a Chicago Bear.

Monday presented an opportunity for Chicago Bears players who finished the season on injured reserve to speak publicly before they cleaned out their lockers and departed for the offseason.

Many of the walking wounded attended the final open locker room, but veteran quarterback Jay Cutler, who may be traded or released in the offseason, did not attend.

Who can blame him? He probably wasn’t even thinking about the media. He most likely got a text from Kyle Long saying “hey, we have to clean our shit out of the locker room today, wanna carpool?” and that’s the entirety of his knowledge about the current state of the franchise. It’s also not like he can’t just text a reporter saying “hey, I don’t want to be in this city anymore” and things wouldn’t immediately blow up. This ‘last day with the media’ thing is overblown.


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