Jerrell Freeman Speaks Out On Bears Season

Jerrell Freeman was suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs this season, so it’s natural that he would be carrying the flag for the Bears this offseason in terms of determining what the team needs to do to turn the ship around. From

“Go to work,” Freeman said. “That’s the only way you can do this. You can’t go buy it at a store. You can’t. So you just have to go out there and go to work. You have to have everybody on the same page and let’s go.”

Well, you’ve definitely proven that, Jerrell. Though I’m going to have to disagree with you. You can absolutely buy success at a store, and that store is called GNC. You’ve probably been there a few times. Then when you start supplementing your supplements with steroids you can consider yourself ready to contend for a Super Bowl. Freeman already has a leg up, it’s now time for the rest of the Bears roster to get with the program. James Harrison doesn’t have tree trunks for legs at age 38 naturally, and the Steelers are in the playoffs. He went on:

“We’ve got to find consistency,” Freeman said. “That’s the mark of a great player and a great team, just being consistent. We’ve got to do that. We can’t give up big plays. Those first 13 weeks, we were good. And then we started giving up big plays, big runs; all that type of stuff. We just have to be consistent and stay on the same page.”

Ok, minor bone to pick here. On which planet is 3-9 considered a good 13 weeks of football? I realize he’s talking in reference to giving up big plays, but why does that even matter if you’re only winning a quarter of your games. How about we try to score more points than the other team.


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