Stephan A. Smith Calls Jay Cutler the Worst QB in Football, Again

I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to call more attention to the Take Kings like Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Smith introduced a new segment on his show First Take called….get ready. Final Take. Woah. During this segment he tore Jay Cutler to shreds, calling him the worst QB in the NFL. Bold statement, considering there are three backup QBs starting in playoff games this week.

The state of sports media is embarrassing. In a world driven by ad dollars, it comes down to who is getting the most clicks and page views. That begot the race to have the hottest takes, where goons like Smith and Bayless thrive. I’ll give this to them, they are masters of the headline. They know how to get the attention of the moderate sports fan.

The days of actual reporting and writing in-depth pieces are gone. Anyone can have a platform, even a dumb-brain like myself. Those articles still exist, but you don’t hear about them because they’re not accompanied by a fire emoji. Hell, the number one sports podcast in the market right now is Pardon My Take, a show dedicated to making fun of assbags like Smith and the entire idea of the “hot take”. The worst part is every time we engage with a Take Artist we drive up their value. Half (probably more) of the people who engage with Skip Bayless can’t stand him. But guess what, they’re engaging. They’re clicking. I’m literally doing it right now. I need to stop.


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