Blackhawks Play the Red Wings Tonight But it Won’t be the Same

Tonight one of the oldest rivalries in the NHL will be renewed, at least that’s what the NHL wants us to think. The Blackhawks host the Red Wings tonight at the UC, and what once was a bitter rivalry will most likely just be another game.

When these two were playing each other 4-5 times a season you planned your schedule around making sure you were home to watch. It was better than Blackhawks vs. Blues, and instead of being somewhat manufactured by the league this was a true hatred. It basically culminated in 2013 when the Hawks beat the Red Wings in overtime of Game 7 back in 2013. That game also signified the passing of the torch as the Blackhawks replaced the Wings as perennial Cup contenders.

Now with the Wings in a separate division and also not very good, this once historic rivalry is nothing more than a regular skate. You’ll have the die-hards in the 300 section yelling “DETROIT SUCKS!” but no one else in the stadium will join. In fact, the rich guys in the 100 section will probably not understand the reference and think the chant is extremely rude. Hate those guys. But no matter what, we’ll still have Jeremy Piven:


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