Rooftop Owner Gets 18 Months in Jail For Defrauding the Cubs

I mean you just knew someone was going to jail eventually right?

An 18-month prison sentence was handed down to a man found guilty of defrauding the Chicago Cubs out of the team’s cut of revenue from his rooftop club near Wrigley Field.

R. Marc Hamid was found guilty in July on multiple counts of mail fraud and illegal bank structuring for falsifying attendance records at the Skybox.

The former co-owner was accused of hiding over $1,000,000 in revenue to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties to the Cubs and taxes.

Jeez, guy can’t even cook the books on his own rooftop anymore. I’m more curious about how this person got caught. My knowledge of getting away with some sort of fraud is basically the Goodfellas scene where Robert De Niro goes nuts on a guy for buying his wife a new car, so I assume that’s how real life works as well. Did Hamid’s wife one day just come home with a $20,ooo mink coat and all of a sudden he was being followed by helicopters? It’s simple. If you steal, don’t spend like you’ve stolen. Keep the paper trails away. If you’re not going to defraud a professional organization the right way, why do it at all?


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