Keep Jordan Howard Off the Field at the Pro Bowl

The Bears aren’t working with too many respectable assets these days. You probably wouldn’t need one full hand to count the number of bright spots this season provided. However, Jordan Howard was one of them and he’s being rewarded.

On Wednesday, Howard was named to the Pro Bowl replacing David Johnson. The Bears’ first year running back accumulated over 1,300 rushing yards, second in the league behind only fellow rookie Ezekial Elliot. You could argue that Howard’s season was even more impressive than the first rounder Elliot’s considering the offensive line Zeke has to work with and the fact that he had almost five more carries per game than Howard. But just because the Bears actually have a player worth giving a damn about doesn’t mean I want him playing in a useless game where injuries happen.

Go ahead and ask Bengals fans what they think about the Pro Bowl. They were without a healthy Tyler Eifert for a good chunk of the season because of a freak injury at the dumbest game in sports. It doesn’t matter that guys are moving extremely slow and barely touching each other, being on a football field while football is being played carries risk for injury.

Sports is now a business, and with salary cap rules and millions of dollars being paid to assets it’s ridiculous that some of those assets participate in an exhibition game. The potential for a team to be without a player for any period of time because of a game they’re (for the most part) not paid to be at is absurd. Especially for a team such as the Bears who are in the middle of rebuilding an entire roster. All Star games in every sport shouldn’t exist. For once, the NHL came up with something that is actually a good idea. Make the entire event a skills competition, and keep the players as safe as possible. Risking injury, even if it’s a low risk, is just bad for business.


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