Wrigley Field May Host the 2020 All Star Game

This could be absolute perfect timing. It was reported that the Cubs are hoping to host the 2020 MLB All Star Game at Wrigley Field. This would be the first time since 1990 that the game was hosted on the North Side, an even 30 years. In that time span San Diego and Pittsburgh have both had two All Star Games as a result of opening new stadiums. With 2020 a ways away, this means the Cubs have four seasons to become the most hated franchise in the league. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Theo Epstein retires tomorrow and Kris Bryant tears both ACLs.

For the foreseeable future the Cubs are going to be in contention for a ring every year, which means the rest of the world is going to get tired of them and their fans pretty quickly. When this All Star Game rolls around, Wrigley Field will be packed to the gills and half of the National League starters will be Cubs, pissing the world off even more. There’s nothing I love more than when opposing fans are extremely mad because another team is better than theirs.

The Blackhawks are in the middle of a similar dynamic right now, with every single NHL fan base calling every single Hawks fan a fair weather, pointing out the fact that their attendance only rose because they won Stanley Cups. Shout out to John McDonough for that great marketing campaign of winning Cups, it really got people in the building. The Drunk Patrick Kane Twitter account has retweeted thousands of angry fans that send Tweets about how much they hate the Blackhawks after losing to them, which happens often. I fully expect a Drunk Rizzo account to be made (if it hasn’t already) in order to retweet all the haters on the night of the All Star Game.

Side note: I mentioned San Diego so thoughts and prayers to San Diego sports fans because the only team they have now is the Padres.



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