Blackhawks Beat Avalanche 6-4

Last night the Blackhawks defeated the Colorado Avalanche 6-4 in a game that shouldn’t have been that close. The Avalanche are a trainwreck, currently last in the NHL in points and goals scored. Yet, the Hawks had a tough time corralling a team that has more speed than your average cellar dweller.

It’s no secret the Hawks basically use the regular season to figure shit out before the playoffs start. However, when playing a team who has yet to score 90 goals on the season I feel like they shouldn’t have to get into an offensive slug-fest. Especially considering they aren’t going to win those very often in the playoffs.

Vinnie Hinostroza, who scored twice last night, continues to be a huge bright spot for a team struggling to score consistently. His speed is something the Hawks need desperately, as they’re no longer considered one of the faster teams in the NHL. That doesn’t mean he’s the answer to their offensive problems, and I’m sure Stan knows that. Someone who can score needs to play with Toews in order to get him back on track, which needs to happen before the playoffs start.


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