The White Sox are Giving Away a Hawk Harrelson Alarm Clock and I Need One

My opinions of Hawkaroo in the broadcast booth have been…negative. But I’ve been very clear in staing I would love to sit down with the ole buzzard and throw back a few while he tells me old baseball stories. Hawkisms make me cringe when I hear them on my TV but laugh when I hear them elsewhere. It appears we can all now wake up to the sound of Hawk Harrelson.

On May 13th, the White Sox will give away Hawk Harrelson alarm clocks to the first 20,000 fans who enter the stadium.

I don’t want this, I need this. This is the greatest giveaway of all time. It’s not even a competition. I wonder how long Brooks Boyer and the marketing team have been holding on to this gem. Better yet, what other awesome giveaways can we expect now that the team is in rebuild mode? It’s like trading Chris Sale set off some sort of doomsday scenario in the marketing department and released the Hawk Harrelson alarm clock idea. This is possibly the biggest game the Sox have had since 2008.


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