Here’s Where the Cubs and Sox Will Draft in 2017

The MLB Draft isn’t as simple as being slotted where your team finishes the season in the standings. This year there were ten qualified free agents, meaning if they signed with a different team than their 2016 club, that team forfeits their first round pick and the team the player is leaving receives a supplemental pick.

The Cubs will receive one of those supplemental picks to account for the loss of Dexter Fowler who signed with the Cardinals. As a result, St. Louis forfeits their 19th overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. The Colorado Rockies (11th overall to sign Ian Desmond) and Cleveland Indians (25th overall to sign Edwin Encarnacion) also gave up their first round pick, meaning the Cubs will draft 27th overall this year. In the supplemental round, the Blue Jays will draft 28th overall for Encarnacion and the Rangers will draft 29th for Desmond, which leaves the Cubs with pick number 30 to go along with their 27th overall pick.

The White Sox receive a boost in the overall pick position as a result of the Rockies forfeiting their 11th overall. The Sox take over that slot, but unfortunately won’t receive an extra pick as the Cubs do.


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