White Sox Players to Watch in Spring Training

In 2017 and 2018 you’re probably better off buying tickets to a Birmingham Barons or Charlotte Knights game than a Chicago White Sox game because most of the Major League players that will be on the Sox roster when they’re relevant again will be with those teams. Spring training will give a glimpse of the future, and hopefully by next spring training we’ll be talking about even more young guns that can bring this organization back to the light. Here’s a few guys we’ll be watching this year…

Michael Kopech

Take a moment to revel at the pure electricity coming out of his arm but then come back down to earth and realize he’s still very unpolished. With Kopech, it’s not only about throwing strikes and getting into pitcher-friendly counts, but throwing quality strikes as well. No matter how good a pitcher’s stuff is, any Big Leaguer can hit a pitch down the middle. Just ask Carlos Rodon.

Zach Burdi

All we’re looking for here is any signs that he can convert to a starter. If this is not in the White Sox’ plans then I have a huge issue with them drafting him 26th overall. If he’s sticking in the bullpen then anything less than an elite-closer career could be considered a wasted draft pick.

Zach Collins

We’ll see how committed the Sox are to keeping him behind the dish. If he sniffs the field at any other position you can bet he’s being groomed for a long-term option other than taking a beating at catcher every day. As with any hitter in spring training, you’re looking for patience and good tracking. ‘Good tracking’ meaning the hitter is seeing the ball well and letting the pitches he can’t hit go past him.

Spencer Adams

I’m not as high on this second round pick as others are, but there’s no doubt he’ll get a chance. Adams made it to AA last season but hasn’t posted numbers that jump out at you. However, with Jose Quintana likely packing his bags at some point we could see Adams make a few starts with the Sox.

I didn’t mention Yoan Moncada or Lucas Giolito because you’ll be seeing enough of them during the regular season, and that’s where you can evaluate them. Besides, if those two aren’t studs none of this really matters.


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