Peter Bourjos to Join Sox on Minor League Deal

Deals like this almost cement that the rebuild process is under way just as much as trading pieces like Chris Sale and Adam Eaton. On Friday it was revealed the Sox signed Peter Bourjos to a minor league deal which includes an invite to Spring Training. If Bourjos does make the Majors he’ll make $1.35MM.

This is purely a depth move to fill a roster while the turnover of core players takes place. No one expects Peter Bourjos to be the future center fielder for a contending team, nor do they expect Derek Holland to be a significant contributor once the starting staff is fully in place with new young arms. Bourjos and Holland will both play a role, a role that will determine their future roles with other teams, not the Sox. For these players, they’re going to be auditioning for their next job.

If they have decent seasons, great. The Sox can trade them at the deadline for some young depth. If they don’t, these are just cost-efficient moves that get bodies on the field. Expect more moves like this, ones that don’t make headlines but are part of the churning process.


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