A Guy Who Hit 41 Home Runs Last Year Might Spend 2017 in Japan

Chris Carter is what he is. He’s Adam Dunn from the right side of the plate. He hits dingers and doesn’t do much else. He hits a lot of dingers. Yes, at times actually making contact with the baseball is a struggle for him but when he does it tends to go far. Yet for some reason, in an era that is dominated by pitching, he hasn’t found a spot on a Major League roster with Spring Training only weeks away. And according to Ken Rosenthal, Carter and his agent are exploring options outside of the MLB:

Carter’s agent, Dave Stewart, told FOX Sports on Tuesday that his client soon might entertain offers from teams in Japan.

“I think at some point we have to make it a serious consideration,” Stewart said. “It’s getting late there, too. Those teams are filling their spaces, too.”

This is weird. Not only did he lead the NL in home runs, he also had a respectable .821 OPS. For a guy that hits .222 and strikes out 206 times, that’s not too shabby. Of course he wants too much money, no one in serious contention for a title is going to pay a softball player $6-$8MM for one year. I would just think a team that’s not taking themselves too seriously this season would sign him and try to flip him at the deadline. I’m looking at you White Sox, Reds, Braves, etc. A contending team could have use for him down the stretch. I mean the Indians used some guy named Michael Martinez as a pinch hitter in the World Series last year. Spoiler alert, he struck out.




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