Matt Wieters Still Doesn’t Have a Team

It’s a little weird that a Gold Glove winning catcher who doesn’t suck at hitting is still on the market. Sure, he’s 30 years old and has been riddled with injuries but his 2016 campaign saw him get invited to his fourth all star game.

Matt Wieters would be an upgrade at the catcher position for at least half, probably more like two-thirds, of MLB teams. Obviously everyone’s situation is different and teams don’t want to pay through the nose for an aging catcher, but like Chris Carter he still holds potential value for a team near contention. It’s just weird.

There’s obviously only one explanation to why guys like Matt Wieters, Chris Carter, and Jason Hammel are still on the market. MLB front offices are clearly colluding to drive down the price tag for free agents, which ultimately means more money in their pockets. Just kidding. But seriously, it’s happened before so maybe.


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