The Super Bowl Just Happened So Here’s a World Series Pick

In a blatant move to try and get some page views from the Super Bowl buzz, this is me writing about a World Series pick. Every day is a battle for page views. There’s only so many to go around. Might as well be upfront about what I’m trying to accomplish.

It’s the Indians. Cleveland is my World Series pick until I decide to change it at the trade deadline when bullpens are more finalized, or maybe even earlier (spoiler alert). If they had their whole starting rotation in the World Series there’s little doubt in my mind they would’ve won and Chicago would’ve been a war zone.

Two of their top three starters, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar, weren’t at 100% for the Series meaning Corey Kluber basically had to be Superman. Michael Brantley, their star left-fielder, was also out with shoulder problems. With Carrasco and Salazar fully healthy and Brantley aiming to come back at some point this year, this roster is better than 2016’s AL Champs.

Oh, and they added 40 home runs to their lineup. Edwin Encarnacion will join the Tribe and launch titanic blasts from the DH spot. Indians fans, and baseball fans in general, can apparently also thank him for the return of Wily Mo Pena.

A couple of concerns. Their outfield is suspect. Brantley is made of glass and the rest of the starters aren’t traditionally the caliber of player you see on World Series teams. But they weren’t last year either, considering Rajai Davis was the star of that bunch. Also, Andrew Miller threw a lot of high-pressure innings last postseason. Cody Allen did as well, so their bullpen studs will need others to eat innings when the schedule starts flipping to August.

I initially wanted to pick the Red Sox for the World Series just so I could relate this post to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl (more page view grabs). Love their lineup, I think it’s the best in the Majors. Their rotation is great as it stands with the addition of Chris Sale and David Price set to bounce back. I also don’t think Rick Porcello’s season was as big of a fluke as most people do. The bullpen has arguably the best closer in the game in Craig Kimbrel plus some other nice pieces….hmm.

With all that being said, I’d like to change my World Series pick to the Boston Red Sox. Party like it’s 2004, Boston, when the Patriots and Red Sox both came home Champions. You should have the utmost confidence that I take these picks extremely seriously and am totally sold on the Red Sox, not the Indians, to win the World Series.

Preseason picks are stupid. Thanks for the page views.


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