Brian Wilson is Attempting a Comeback by Adopting the Knuckleball

Well, we can only pray that this happens.

On a muddy mound at USC on Wednesday morning, wearing high-top spikes and a Hawaii-themed cap, Wilson threw a 30-minute bullpen session. Of those dozens of pitches, all but a handful were knuckleballs.

“That right there,” Wilson said while pulling off his muck-caked shoes, “was an MVP-Cy Young knuckleball. You can write that down, too. No joke.”

He smiled.

“I can already see myself out there,” he said, “throwing up some waffles.”

First thought, I’m not sure when knuckleballs became “waffles” but I’m going to go on record saying I fully embrace it. That’s the only reason I can forgive him for apparently being beardless.

Then he dropped this dime quote on us:

“I may be 34, but I’m actually 26 biologically.”

Only this guy can get away with saying a quote that is 100% incorrect. “Physically” probably would’ve been a better word than “biologically” but who is going to correct this certified crazy person? Not me.


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