Marlins May Have a $1.6 Billion Handshake Agreement on Selling the Team

That’s a pretty damn valuable handshake. According to Forbes:

Two sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Miami Marlins president David Samson has said that there is a $1.6 billion “handshake agreement” for the MLB team. Jeffrey Loria paid $158 million for the baseball team in 2002.

I’d say that’s one hell of an investment. If this report is true, it also speaks well to the value of the rest of the teams and the MLB as a whole, considering the Marlins have like 83 fans and rarely see games where there aren’t empty seats.

However, there is a hangup. Apparently the buyer does not have enough liquid assets to purchase the team as most of his net worth is in real estate assets. Basically, he doesn’t have enough dough and the Marlins would need to take on a ton of debt for this deal to go through. Probably something the league is not comfortable with.

That being said, I would also like to throw my hat in the ring. As long as we don’t have to actually have the money I want to be considered for ownership. I’ll even offer a higher price of an even $2 billion to purchase this franchise. Now, I don’t have enough cash in my wallet right now but I’m good for it. Trust me. There’s absolutely no way this could go wrong.


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