CJ Wilson is Ditching Pitching for Race Car Driving

It appears CJ Wilson isn’t too hung up on not having a team to play for in 2017. Wilson, who is 36 and currently a free agent, has thrown over 1,430 innings in his career. In his time with the Angels and Rangers, injuries became the norm so obviously moving to a racing career is a great way to preserve the body.

Wilson signing on to drive full-time in the 2017 IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama led many to speculate he’d thrown his last pitch in an MLB game. While speaking to KFSN-TV about his new dealerships and his race team, Wilson all but confirmed that.

“Now, (racing) is going to be a big deal,” Wilson told KFSN-TV. “I don’t have to hide it anymore. There’s no contract violations to worry about, or anything like that.”

I guess it’s not totally surprising considering he opened up CJ Wilson Mazda here in the Chicagoland area a couple years ago. I’m just sort of confused on what happens when a guy who is made of glass gets into an accident. Does he just disintegrate?

Also, love how he implies that he’s been hiding his true passion from his employers for a number of years. In 2015 he got hurt and missed a portion of the season and didn’t pitch last year, so I think we can assume he wasn’t taking his rehab too seriously. He was also clearly racing when he shouldn’t have been, as he brings up hiding contract violations from the Angels.

Good stuff, CJ.



  1. […] Of course, we should come to expect this sort of thing from the Angels. They’re still paying oft-injured, oft-high outfielder Josh Hamilton after signing him to a five year deal worth $125mm even though he’s currently trying to play for a different team. They also traded for Vernon Wells and took on his contract, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t get a hit in his two seasons with the Angels. CJ Wilson…that was a thing too. He’s racing cars now. […]


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