When is Derek Jeter’s Child Eligible for the Draft?

News broke today that Derek and Hannah Jeter are expecting their first child. Obviously the only question I have is when can future baby Jeter sign a contract?

There are basic rules as to who can be drafted by an MLB team, but are we completely sure that if the Yankees were to take a flier on a newborn that the move would be rejected? Technically the child would be a US resident and not actively going to school. As a White Sox fan I’d love him to join the club. I’m fully prepared to wait another 19 years until this kid develops both physically and mentally.

That brings up the question of representation as well. You can bet Scott Boras already has a contract drawn up to secure the rights to baby Jeter’s future Hall of Fame career. And not to go super-nerd on you, but what about Rotisserie baseball leagues? Last year I drafted Vlad Guerrero Jr. and he wasn’t old enough to drive a car. Am I crazy for thinking about drafting Derek Jr. in a prospect round?


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