Eric Gagne Considering a Comeback and Will Pitch for Team Canada in WBC

Count me as someone who didn’t know Eric Gagne was pitching in this year’s WBC. I guess I’ll have to watch now.

Apparently Gagne has looked so good that he’s considering a comeback, which usually means he’ll sign a minor league contract and get piss-pounded by some 20 year olds before he hangs ’em up.

Gagne, who turned 41 last month, told’s Ken Gurnick he feels so good it’s “almost scary.” Wynston Sawyer, the catcher who caught Gagne’s recent bullpen, told Gurnick he had good life on his fastball and depth to his trademark split-change. “Without knowing it was Eric Gagne, just based on catching him, it was a normal bullpen by a big league pitcher,” said Sawyer.

I am sure of one thing. There is now definitely no way Team USA is making it out of their group. No chance they beat Dominican Republic and will likely have their hands full with Columbia. Now you’re telling me they might have to look a 41 year-old Eric Gagne in the glasses and attempt to get a hit off his electric fastball and sweat-stained hat? Good luck.


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