Yoan Moncada’s Son is Better at Bat Flipping Than You

If there was a scouting grade for bat flips, Yoan Moncada’s two year old son would’ve received an 80…


A few important things to note…

He went back and thought about picking up the bat, which actually brings his bat flip scouting grade down to a 70. When you bat flip you can’t look at anything except either the ball or the pitcher, and you certainly can’t think about being courteous and picking up your discarded weapon.

Next observation, this looked like a grounder to short so good hustle for running it out. However, hopefully he shakes this try-hard habit soon because his swag rating will take a hit when he turns 16. Also, where are his Jesus pieces? He needs a gold chain ASAP so we can be aware that he likes God.

Also love the effort in taking the extra base on the poor throw. That shortstop should probably be embarrassed and the first baseman belongs in right field picking dandelions. Little Moncada also decided to go to third base when the play was clearly dead, but if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’. Pencil him in as a 2031 first round draft pick.


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