No Changes For 2017, But Expect New Rules in the 2018 MLB Season

Rob Manfred addressed the media today and the topic of conversation was change. Changes to the game that hasn’t changed for the past billion seasons. Needless to say Rob was always going to have a hard time convincing the MLBPA and the world that shot clocks and no mound visits is the wave of the future.

“I have great respect for the labor relations process, and I have a pretty good track record for getting things done with the MLBPA,” [Manfred] said. “I have to admit, however, that I am disappointed that we could not even get the MLBPA to agree to modest rule changes like limits on trips to the mound that have little effect on the competitive character of the game.”

Not that much of this matters. From the Chicago Tribune:

Under baseball’s labor contract, management can alter playing rules only with agreement from the union — unless it gives one year notice.

So yeah, the MLBPA can block the changes this season, but Manfred basically said “well, I’m gonna do it anyways next year so nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo.” I didn’t know this was a thing…that the MLB can make any rule change they want as long as they give the MLBPA a heads up.

Where does this actually end? What if Manfred decides that the catcher must wipe a booger on the ball before he throws it back to his pitcher? Or what if he mandates that anyone who grabs their crotch during the game must attend a sex addict class? I guess as long as he’s giving a one year’s heads up the players will have time to prepare.


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