Red Sox Believe Being Less Fat Will Help Pablo Sandoval

Today, Red Sox manager John Farrell was quoted as saying:

“With the body composition he’s got, we’d expect to see increase in range, maybe some better foot quickness, better body control.”

I for one need to see some results before I go that far. CC Sabathia lost a ton of weight at one point and has never been the same since. When you force a fat guy to not be fat I would argue that they’ll have less body control because they’re used to adjusting to the greater gravitational pull their body feels. With weight loss they’re just going to overcompensate and fall down.

Also, why is everyone so against the fatness? Seems to work for Bartolo Colon, worked for David Wells. Pablo was fat before he got to Boston too, and nobody was complaining about it when he was winning rings in San Francisco. Not having a handful of fat guys just isn’t good for the sport. These guys are put on a pedestal and revered because they’re saying “I can eat whatever I want and still get paid millions of dollars for playing a game.”

Another downside to Sandoval losing weight, baseball belt manufacturers are probably furious. They were likely counting on a huge influx of orders once Pablo started swinging a bat again, but now they’ll have a surplus of product. Overall, Sandoval losing weight is bad for baseball and bad for the economy.


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