The Dreaded Oblique Issues are In Full Swing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching baseball for 26 years, it’s that oblique injuries are just the worst. Zach Britton and Todd Frazier might be the latest victims.
Britton is reportedly having some issues with his oblique muscle, perhaps because of not mixing in enough Russian twists during the offseason. That’s my own speculation, so it’s probably accurate. More breaking news, hurting the muscle that is responsible for making you twist better is definitely not good. Even more breaking news, when all you do is twist your body every day healing this muscle is difficult. He had one of the best seasons a relief pitcher could possibly have last year. Hopefully for the sake of the Orioles and my Rotisserie keeper league this is the one oblique injury that doesn’t linger for six months.
Todd Frazier is also being kept out with soreness in his side. That’s less important because he’s not as good, the White Sox suck and he’s also not on my fantasy team. Too honest?

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