Eric Hosmer Kinda Sucks…Relatively Speaking

Eric Hosmer was supposed to lead the new wave of young talent for the Royals. He has, sort of. They did win a World Series, but still hasn’t lived up to the hype that was given to the former first round pick. Actually, he kinda sucks.

‘Sucks’ is a relative term here. Hosmer doesn’t hit like a first baseman but definitely fields like one. He’s not of the big clumsy goof nature like Jose Abreu, but if you were to stick him in the outfield he might make Adam Dunn look like a Gold Glover.

Call me crazy, but I feel like the guy playing the easiest position on the field because he can’t play anywhere else should hit a bunch of doubles and dingers. Hosmer’s career OPS is .763. Last season he hit 25 home runs, which is the first time he’s eclipsed 20 in his career. That wasn’t enough to crack the top ten in the MLB among first baseman and his 1.0 WAR ranked 19th…tied with Mike Napoli.

I mean, yeah, he doesn’t suck. I know that. But his numbers don’t justify a big contract extension when comparable players aren’t getting those deals. Napoli has been signing one year deals for like 13 seasons in a row. If I’m a Royals fan, I wish I was getting more out of Hosmer but I can’t justify a long-term extension.

Plus he looks like he’s into Swedish death metal and that scares me.


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