Brandon Moss Has a Secret: Swing Hard to Hit Home Runs

Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star wrote a great piece about Brandon Moss’ journey through the A’s organization and eventually to the Royals as a 33 year old slugger. In it, Moss revealed his secret for hitting dingers:

“It took a lot for me to mentally get through that block of being afraid to swing and miss and look stupid. But once I got through that, it really translated well for me.”

In some ways, Moss says, the adjustment was simple. Swing hard. Sell out for power. Forget about collecting singles. Let the big dog eat.

“Try to hit the ball over the fence,” he says.

I love it. I’ve had enough of this new age player always trying to get on base at all costs and not trying to piss-pound baseballs. This blog fully endorses the attitudes of Brandon Moss and Kyle Schwarber: hit ball hard.

It’s like that Happy Gilmore quote, “I should just try to get the ball in one shot every time.” In baseball, maybe hitters should try and embarrass the pitcher every time they get in the box. As a pitcher, that shit sticks with you. Braden Kapteyn, if you’re out there somewhere, you hit a home run about 634 feet off me in high school. Still gives me nightmares. Still gives me migraines because I can still hear the deafening ping off the bat.


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