Do the Mets Have the Most Badass Rotation Ever?

We know that roughly 95% of pitching is all about intimidation. If I’m a hitter, electric fastballs aren’t the only reason I’m not charging the mound against the Mets.

About a week ago Mets starter was filmed casually reeling in a bull shark. Mets fans and ownership were collectively having heart attacked as he used his pitching arm to hold the beast for a photo op. Injury/death risk aside, I believe if you catch a shark that can eat you you’re automatically a certified badass.

If we move up the rotation, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey have earned superhero nicknames. Thor (Syndergaard) mostly earned the name because of his gorgeous flowing blonde locks, but the dude is also shredded. Matt Harvey isn’t, in fact he’s kinda chubby, but you’re not messing with a dude nicknamed the Dark Knight.

Now we move to spring training where Harvey, Syndergaard, and Jacob deGrom are all sporting mustaches:

If you’re ballsy enough to grow a mustache, you’re pretty confident in yourself. Plus the mustache makes deGrom look like he’d have no problem being the representative for a Columbian drug cartel in Miami.

This rotation catches sharks, represents both the Marvel and DC universes, and could probably start a cocaine pipeline in the states. Yes, they also throw really hard and have stuff that is ridiculously hard to hit…but that’s only part of the equation.


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