The Oscars Happened So Obviously We Need to Know What Movies Baseball Players Like

The MLB asked some players about movies and I have a few issues with their answers…

I thought Kris Bryant would be above the whole jock not liking nerd stuff stereotype but I guess not. If you didn’t like Rogue One you’re an asshole. Even Giancarlo Stanton liked it and he isn’t even a Star Wars fan. Get over yourself, Kris.

Love Adrian Beltre and Jimmy Rollins plugging in the fact that they have kids by saying their favorite movies were Lego Batman and Trolls. Not sure who Mark Melancon is trying to impress by saying he didn’t see any movies because of his kids. Jeez Mark, at least take the rascals to see Zootopia or something.

Finally, who the hell does John Axford think he is? How badly was he waiting for the Oscars to roll around to tell us he knows some things about movies? I guarantee he flagged down the camera crew for this while they were attempting to get the attention of someone more interesting/better at baseball.


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