The Yankees Should Expect to Make the Playoffs

In New York, if the Yankees don’t make the playoffs every fan revolts and calls in to Mike Francesa’s show to suggest new ownership/GM/coaching is needed. Making the postseason is expected, and why shouldn’t it be considering the Yankees have made like 99.9% of all postseasons in history? With the money the Yankees have dished out this season, the expectations should be no different.

Obviously, the first moves we talk about when it comes to this club are the Chapman deals. Not only did they receive arguably the best prospect in baseball in Gleyber Torres to rent out Chapman for a couple months, but they also signed Chapman in the offseason, making us all believe this was the plan from the start. But he’s not the only veteran earning money while this team “rebuilds.”

Jacoby Ellsbury, Brent Gardner, Chase Headley, Matt Holiday, Chris Carter, CC Sabathia…all these guys are earning checks that they need to live up to. It’s ridiculous to think Sabathia will turn it around at this age and fatness, but the rest of this class can be reasonably expected to take the pressure off the budding stars. Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge will all go through their struggles as they emerge as MLB players.

The starting rotation is a bit of a concern. Not only do they have the plump man we just referenced penciled in as the third or fourth starter, but who knows what they’re going to get out of Michael Pineda. Their fifth spot is arguably a collection of long relievers which will put more pressure on their ace Masahiro Tanaka.

While the rotation will have its challenges, the bullpen shouldn’t. We know about Chapman, but they also signed former closer Tyler Clippard and still have Dellin Betances who’s arguably been their best reliever for the past two seasons. Though I wouldn’t blame him if he wasn’t entirely motivated coming in to 2017 given the way his team President bashed him to the media.

The rest of the AL East will probably do the Yankees some favors. While Boston is head and shoulders above everyone else, you can see a setback coming for Baltimore and Toronto. The Rays are everyone’s sneaky pick to make the playoffs, but they’re everyone’s sneaky pick to make the playoffs every year. I don’t think Yankees brass is getting enough credit for the team they’ve put together and I’m confused by some experts saying the Chapman signing was dumb.

Since when has spending a lot of money been bad for the Yankees?


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