The MLB Is Making the Ball Stickier So Pitchers Stop Cheating

Not sure about you, but I enjoy thinking about different ways pitchers doctor the ball. It was hard to do playing college baseball in Chicago because it was always 30 degrees and impossible to rub your hands on the ball. But I feel like the game hasn’t really started until a little dirt gets on the ball. Of course, that doesn’t really happen considering they switch out the balls every basically every pitch. From Yahoo:

MLB has commissioned Rawlings, its official manufacturer, to produce a ball with natural tack on the leather in hopes of eliminating the need for pine tar, sunscreen and rosin, or any other foreign substances whose use in recent years has blurred the legal-illegal line, sources familiar with the project told Yahoo Sports. The balls also would not need a pregame polish of Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud, the New Jersey-harvested muck that for decades has taken the sheen off the pearls that come out of the box.

So the MLB is basically making Rawlings cheat for the players so the players won’t get in trouble. Makes sense, and seems totally fair to the hitters. God knows we don’t already have enough pitchers throwing unhittable stuff.

If they’re going to do this then they also need to commission Louisville Slugger to pre-cork the bats or something. Maybe hire a nutrition company to send hitters pre-steroid-filled protein bars. Something to even the playing field.


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