MLB Has Partnered with Game of Thrones

I don’t even care about the details here, I love it. The MLB has partnered with Game of Thrones in order to reach a younger audience.

Specific promotional offerings have yet to be determined — and will vary by team. But they’ll include development of collectible and co-branded merchandise, ticket packages, giveaways, theme nights, and social media events.

Now just because I love it doesn’t mean that this is a good idea. Yes, Game of Thrones is the greatest show of all time and I’ll crush anyone’s skull who thinks differently (RIP Prince Oberyn). But is this going to translate to more fans?

I have no doubts the MLB’s media team will put together great packages and participatory social media events, but by doing this are they gaining a customer for life or just a one-time shopper? I would default to the latter because baseball tends to be a sport where your fandom is ingrained in you. You don’t usually acquire a taste for watching grown men hit things with sticks. Hopefully I’m wrong.


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