The World Baseball Classic is Starting and No One Cares

I’m usually a sucker for international events. I’ll even tune in to the World Cup to watch the USA grass fairies try to compete with teams that are clearly better than them. You would think I’d be excited for the WBC considering baseball is my jam but I could honestly not give two shits about it.

I’ve heard that it’s pretty big in other countries. And why shouldn’t it be? I would imagine other countries love to beat us at our own game. In general, here in the US international sporting events display band-wagon fandom at its best. If we’re doing well in whatever tournament, bars around the country will be filled with tons of 20-something bros in America apparel. If we suck, we act like it doesn’t matter at all.

For the WBC it doesn’t even seem like we’ll get the band-wagoners. Maybe it’s because baseball is not a sport filled with momentous moments, at least on the surface. Or maybe it’s because it takes place at a time when everyone is thinking about the NFL Draft and not baseball.

It’s similar to the spring training effect. I don’t need to see all stars play at a high level before they’re ready to actually perform at their best. Maybe if the MLB slotted the tournament during the regular season, similar to the Olympic break the NHL gets every four years, people would be more interested. Right now it’s just a tournament full of players who aren’t ready to compete at the highest level.

And I could care less.


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