Noah Syndergaard Gave the Middle Finger to the Mets’ League Minimum Contract Offer

Noah Syndergaard is the latest young pitcher the insanely small protest his insanely small raise his team has offered him:

The Mets announced late Friday evening that Syndergaard was the only player of 21 who did not agree to terms on a yearly contract for this season. Instead, because he is under their control, the Mets simply renewed his contract.

A source confirmed Syndergaard will earn $605,500 this season. The major-league minimum for 2017 is $535,000.

Not signing his contract is the only form of protest Syndergaard has under the current collective bargaining agreement.

This has to be the focus for the next CBA. Pitchers are peaking at a younger age than ever, and with Tommy John seemingly in everyone’s future at some point these 23-26 year olds should be given the chance to make their bank before they turn into a veteran.

Syndergaard is ridiculously valuable because the Mets currently hold all the cards. They have one of the best pitchers in the game at the cost of just over the league minimum, and Syndergaard has no leverage in the situation. It’s criminal. But it’s the system.

The system needs to be fixed.


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