Mike Trout Made a Hole-In-One, Allegedly

I’ve seen Mike Trout do some of the craziest shit ever on a baseball field. He’s already one of the best players ever and he’s not even 26. However, I’m going to need to see some visual evidence of this hole-in-one.

Golf makes it way to easy for someone to say they made an ace. The player should have to take a picture with the ball and get it signed by the pro at the clubhouse. Verifying hole-in-ones needs to happen, and no one should be exempt, even Mike Trout.

Justin Verlander was kidding, but I’m not. Trout reported his own hole-in-one, which is already a red flag. Usually the group you’re golfing with is so excited you made an ace that they run from the golf cart to the nearest jerk-off putting his golf shoes on to tell the story.

Sorry, Mike, pic or it didn’t happen.


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