Carlos Correa Just Bat-Flipped His Way Into My Heart

At this point, I pretty much swear my allegiance to any player that treats his bat as a tool for celebration. Astros shortstop Carlos Correa tossed his lumber to the heavens after his dinger in the WBC for Puerto Rico, and now he’s my favorite shortstop:

This one stings a little because my allegiances also lie with Team Italy right now and Correa basically crumbled this pitcher up and put him in his back pocket. You can tell he didn’t mean to toss the bat that high, or at least he wasn’t completely confident that he wouldn’t get pelted next time up. He must’ve forgot he wasn’t playing in a Major League game at the moment.

This bat flip won’t turn too many heads because it’s pretty casual and nobody cares about the WBC in the US. I just hope this eventually becomes the norm in baseball without the opposing team needing to throw at the hitter the next time he comes up. Bat flips are inherently a celebration of what the hitter accomplished. Their purpose isn’t to embarrass the opposition. But I kind of hope old baseball men keep thinking that way so I can laugh and make fun of them.


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