CC Sabathia Said His Body Feels Good, LOL

After a putrid outing which will likely be the first in a number of putrid outings this season, CC Sabathia took to answering some questions about his health:

“The body feels good,” Sabathia said. “I was letting some (pitches) go, and I had no problems. As far as the knee, you want to get that out of the way. Make sure you can push off as hard as you can, land and be good. I wanted to accomplish that in the game and I did.”

Are fat jokes too easy? Maybe. But I’m not about to pass up easy content. If we take Sabathia’s comments in the most literal sense possible, he’s saying his large frame feels good after throwing in a spring training game. In reality, don’t we all feel better when we’re a bit larger? When we’re in shape and working out, we’re constantly sore and in a bad mood because we’re participating in some sort of movement. So CC feeling good isn’t totally unbelievable here. I feel way better when I don’t work out.

But still, you would think Sabathia would shy away from any comments that mention his body. Obviously, he was referring more to his arm and his previously injured knee, but he should really be more specific right off the bat so dickheads like myself can’t make fun of him. Lesson learned.


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