Dexter Fowler Licked and Smelled His Bat and It Was Weird

Dexter Fowler had a nice round of foreplay with his bat after fouling a pitch to the backstop:

This is only weird because he did it after a fly ball. If he hit a dinger and then licked his bat like he was licking remnants of the baseball off the barrel, that would’ve been the most savage move in the history of baseball. Like Rambo licking blood off his knife. Instead, Fowler is just a weird guy now.

Everyone knows the rules. When you hit a foul ball you have to react as if the pitcher is lucky to still be alive because you were millimeters away from murdering his pitch about 600 feet to left-center. You can’t hit a foul ball and then act like you’re using all of your senses to determine what pitch he threw. That’s just weird. If you’re treating your bat like Fowler did, you better have just hit a bomb.


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