I Think Brent Musburger Just Started the Cubs Hate

We called it on this blog. Not patting ourselves on the back by any means because anyone with a brain knew that this was coming. People are going to start hating the Cubs, and more specifically Cubs fans. It’s inevitable, and Brent Musburger may have just fired the first shots.

Brent, who just became the latest star to fully embrace sports gambling (as we all should), was recently a guest on the incredibly popular Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take. The interview mostly focused on Brent’s new venture into sports gambling, but he made sure to throw a jab specifically at Cubs fans:

“You know what I’m sick of? Cubs fans. It was great last year, I loved it. I bet the Cubs, I bet them to win the division, I waited for them to lose a World Series game then I bet them at a better price to win the World Series. I caught a nine game winning streak during the season, bet them every day to win. Loved it. Loved it. Okay? Now STOP. Stop with this dynasty talk. Okay? Red Sox fans became insufferable and now it’s the Cub fans.”

He also went on to talk about how he won’t be hopping on the Northwestern train as they made the NCAA Tournament for the first time ever, which I greatly appreciate because every Northwestern grad that has an audience feels the need to let me know whenever the school does something.

I didn’t expect the hate to happen quickly, but I’m not surprised that it’s happening in general. Cubs fans are ridiculed for basically going to the games in order to get hammered during the day. Who can blame them? You have to embrace summer in Chicago as much as possible. This doesn’t represent all of Cubs fans, but that’s the stereotype that they’ve been pegged with.

The dynasty talk he’s referring to started even before the Cubs won last year. It seemed like everyone under 35 was positive this team was going to win multiple World Series while everyone over 35 was positive the curse would catch up with them. Now that they’ve won, all ages are looking for more rings and every 20-something Chicago resident who doesn’t want to get a real job is attempting to make the next clever Cubs dynasty t-shirt.

But will this kick off a little Cubs hate from the Barstool universe? If so, you can expect the hate to go national very quickly. Since their fanbase is mostly people who embrace the type of behavior Cubs fans are known for, I’m interested to see where this goes. I could see the PMT following leading the charge on Cubs hate or simply embracing the behavior.

I’m all for either one.


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