Do the Astros Have Enough Pitching?

Seems like the Astros are everyone’s darling pick for the World Series in 2017. Even PECOTA has them projected for the most wins in the American League, which obviously means that’s absolutely going to happen. But do they have enough arms to make a run?

This is taking out the possibility of trade deadline acquisitions and just looking at how the team is currently structured. The bullpen is pretty set. Will Harris has quietly been one of the best relievers in the league for the past few seasons. Luke Gregerson has been useful in the middle relief role and Ken Giles was signed to be a shutdown closer.

The starting rotation has more question marks. Dallas Kuechel is not an ace, I don’t care what anyone says. Fight me. Colin McHugh only has a season and a half of good pitching under his belt, but Lance McCullers might take the next step. The former first rounder has had two very productive seasons and is only 23. It feels like McCullers has the potential to be the best starter on this staff.

If you’re an Astros fan, you’re hoping that Mike Fiers or Charlie Morton aren’t part of the rotation for long because that means they’ve found better options. If Joe Musgrove can crack the starting rotation to start the season, the Astros will at least have more potential instead of what you know you’re getting from a Fiers or Morton.

So the bullpen is there for a deep postseason run, no doubt about that. But the starting rotation has too many questions for me. Who is the starter that Houston can rely on as a stopper when the playoffs come around? The guy that can guarantee them to be up 1-0 or that can save their series when they’re down 2-1? I’m not so sure that guy is on the staff.


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