There’s a Ton of Embarrassing Moments to Break Down in This Play

So much to break down here…

Right off the bat, Diamondbacks left fielder Kristopher Negron was playing with a handicap. You can’t expect someone named Chris who spells their name with a ‘K’ to be that athletic. Kristopher fought a battle with the sun and the sun won, as it usually does. You can never look good when you lose a fly ball in the sun. Negron displayed some impressive cowering technique, covering his head and running away from the spot the ball landed. Not a great look.

After he got the ball to the infield, a further display of terrific athleticism took place. I’m not sure who should be more embarrassed, the umpire or Cesar Puello. The Rangers outfielder took a stumble when rounding second base as he collided with the ump. Clearly blue wasn’t supposed to be there, but tripping over a regular citizen is never a good look if you’re a professional athlete.

Oh, and after Puello was tagged out his team went from losing 9-0 to losing 12-0. Overall, quite the embarrassment.


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