Adrian Gonzalez’s Saltiness is Justified, But He’s Way Off on the LLWS Comparison

Honestly, I can’t blame Adrian Gonzalez for being as angry as he is. He was on the wrong side of a highlight that shouldn’t have been last postseason when he was called out on a play at the plate. More recently, Mexico got jobbed at the World Baseball Classic, which Adrian is not a fan of:


I know Adrian won’t see this post because he’s way to far up on his high-horse, but maybe he should go back to being the quiet guy who hits pretty well. Everyone knows the World Baseball Classic is a joke, and I generally agree with his statements. Except when he compared it to the Little League World Series.

The LLWS is the most vile tournament ever conceived in sports. I hate every kid that participates in it, I hate their coaches, and I hate their parents as well. Jealousy that I didn’t get to play? Maybe. Why do I hate the kids? Because they’re a bunch of snot-nosed buttholes who think they’re awesome at baseball and cry when they lose. Why do I hate the coaches? Because they act like they care about fair play when they’re really hoping the tournament will spark an actual coaching career so they can quit their sales job. Why do I hate the parents? Because they get to take off work to watch their stupid kids play in a meaningless tournament.

At least we can be honest about the WBC. It’s just a cash grab that other countries care about way more than America because they want to beat us at our own sport. The LLWS pretends to be all about sportsmanship and wanting to give the kids a great experience. They’re ruining most of these kids’ lives. The kids who make it far in the tournament get to be on ESPN. They’ve peaked before they’ve even hit puberty. Plus the fences are way too short and make a 200 foot fly ball look like a David Ortiz moonshot. Real nice, LLWS, real nice.

Side note: Is it still cool to use the salt bae guy when referring to someone being salty? Let me know, I’m not in tune with what’s cool.


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