Javy Baez Tagged Out a Runner Without Looking Because He Was Busy Celebrating

Javy Baez has all the swag. All of it. The video below shows him tagging out a runner without looking.

If you slow the video down enough he actually starts to point to Yadier Molina in celebration before the ball even touches his glove. So he had the confidence to not only catch a mid-80s frozen rope without looking but put the tag down on poor Nelson Cruz who was out by about 17 years. I don’t understand how you can have complete control over what your arm is doing without paying attention to it. There should be a website dedicated to Javy Baez tags. I just want to watch him play defense for the rest of my life.

It also looks like Molina started running towards the dugout before Baez even put the tag down. Baseball is fun.


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