The Cubs Won the World Series Because Anthony Rizzo Got Naked

It’s hard to give motivational speeches these days. Basically all of the cliches and quips normally used to fire up your teammates are met with rolled eyes and “yeah, whatever” stares. So the next time you need to motivate someone, just take a page out of Anthony Rizzo’s book and get naked. From the Chicago Tribune:
Verducci, who had full access as a reporter for Fox Sports, reported that Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo provided motivational and comical content while naked in the clubhouse prior to Games 5-7.
The motivational content included lines from “Rocky” about never giving up and rebounding after getting knocked down.
I don’t want to credit the Cubs winning the World Series entirely to Little Rizzo, but it’s clear that if Anthony hadn’t let him come out to play we’d be talking about how the Cubs could break the curse in 2017. I would have to think this is sort of a normal thing in Anthony Rizzo’s life. I feel like if you’re a dude who gets naked that’s just who you are and you do it often. I bet he was the kid in Little League that would go around cup-checking other kids. God knows what kind of hi-jinx he pulled in high school.

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