Ned Yost Turned ‘MRI’ Into a Verb…Also Salvador Perez is Fine

I’ll never be able to figure out how this guy made it to two World Series. Ned Yost, while explaining the Salvador Perez’s MRI came back clean, turned an abbreviation into a verb:

Now, I don’t consider myself the grammar police. I’m sure there have been misspellings and improper grammar on this blog countless times. But come on, Ned. You can’t turn an abbreviation into a verb. “MRI’d” is not a thing you can say. Especially because it’s so easy to say something else. How many times do professional coaches have to use the abbreviation MRI during a season? Maybe 830 times? There’s so many cliches.

“His MRI came back clean.”
“His MRI was good.”
“They took an MI and it showed no damage.”

I would even accept “they took a picture of his knee and it didn’t show anything.” But only because that’s was Herb Brooks/Kurt Russell says when referring to Jack O’Callahan getting an x-ray after an injury. Honestly, Ned, say better words.








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