There Was Some Classic American Drama Last Night

Alright, well I think it’s about time for everyone to jump on the Team USA bandwagon. Now that the team has won a couple games we can pretend that we cared about the World Baseball Classic the whole time. Last night, Adam Jones and Eric Hosmer gave us all a reason to waive the red, white and blue.

Gotta love it. How can you not like to watch baseball when the players are having this much fun? Baseball isn’t boring. You’re boring. So shut up. Go watch your March Madness. Have a good time watching teams shoot free throws for an hour. I mean, yeah I’ll be watching, but just zip your lip about baseball being boring, ok?

In reality, Team USA are the villains because we’re the best at stuff. But I’m going to choose to stay blind to that notion and continue to relate every international sporting event to the 1980 Olympic hockey team. Last night was a classic underdog comeback by the most powerful country in the world. USA! USA! USA!







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