Ryan Braun Hates Spring Training and I Hate Him

This is a classic case of me agreeing with the general point a guy is trying to make but I hate him so much that I’m going to go against whatever he says. Ryan Braun expressed his dislike of the length of spring training:

I want to get this out there. I hate Ryan Braun. He’s got resting penis-face, costed someone their job because he lied about taking steroids, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that he doesn’t really like baseball. He has the most punchable face ever, and I wish he wasn’t a great player.

That being said, I generally agree with his notion about spring training. It’s too damn long. I’m too lazy to look up how many games each team plays, but I know it’s too many. However, I’m taking the other side on this one only because Ryan Braun is leading the charge.

His first mistake was basically complaining about not getting paid extra for spring training games. From all of us who aren’t millionaires, go fuck yourself, Ryan. I will slap you right across the face. Jackass. Again, if I’m being honest, if Mike Trout came out and said this I might not have an issue with it. This is a totally biased post.

Down with Braun. Down with him forever.







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